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Protect Your Investment

Why Should I Obtain a Building Permit? 

It's not hard to find someone to do work on your home but how do you know the person running power throughout your home or laying water lines in your walls knows what they are doing? The City has adopted a set of building codes. They aim to set standards for all work done on your home and make sure that the person you hire meets the necessary standards to keep you and your family safe.

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Apartment Inspection Program

All apartment complexes older than 5 years are inspected by City staff on an annual basis. Representatives from Community Services, the Health Department, the Fire Marshal's Office and the Police Department participate in the Annual Inspection.

Residents may request an inspection of the interior of their apartment by completing an authorization form, which is left on the apartment's front door three days prior to the Annual Inspection, or by calling Community Services at 972-744-4180 at any time. 
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Home Improvement Incentive Program

The City of Richardson is proud to offer the Home Improvement Incentive Program. This unique and innovative program is designed to provide an economic incentive to homeowners who substantially reinvest in their home. Learn More