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Heather Ridge Estates HOA - Little Free Library

Little Free Library

Welcome to our Little Free Library!

These have been popping up all over Richardson in some Starbucks®, the YMCA® and now even in our neighborhood!

It is completely free and based on the honor system to "Take one, leave one". This keeps the content of the library ever changing. Or, you can stop by and just read for a while on our bench!

The library currently has a large selection of kids books with a growing selection of romance novels. We gladly accept donations of books and try to rotate out books appearing to be around for a while. If we accumulate too many books to store, they are taken to Half Price Books®, sold and new books are purchased for the Library.

We learned about Little Free Libraries about 2 years ago. A friend offered to build our library and then we painted it along with the help of our daughter. Now it resides in our front lawn in the shade of our Oak tree at 2704 Northridge Drive.

Keep Reading!

K. Mathes